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12 Pubs - The Rules
Written by - Dan Wade on 20/12/2019

The route has been set and shared around. Now the final part of the puzzle: The Rules!!

  • Christmas jumpers must be worn
  • Minimum of 1 Pint per Pub per Person
  • Anyone intending to drink less than 1 Pint per Pub, please downgrade to the Junior 'B' Competition
  • Shots are not an option and should only be taken in extreme circumstances, such as penalties (refer to rule 5)
  • 12 Pubs to be visited in 6 hours
  • Hitting the shorts or the "wee ones" after pub 10 is acceptable
  • Limit 1/2 an hour per pub. If you are a speedy boozer... you can continue on ahead
  • Local Committee shall outline the exact schedule
  • No changes to the schedule allowed for any reason
  • Food may be consumed on the course, provided rule 4 is still adhered to.
  • No piss break on pubs of odd numbers 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 for Senior Competitors.
  • Pees may not be carried from pub to pub
  • Poo's limited to two for the night
  • Puking in or near any of the appointed 12 pubs results in instant mocking and possible disqualification. Casual chunders are punishable by penalty pint/shot of choice of committee, which must be consumed within allotted time allowed in pub
  • Drinks obtained in any additional public houses may not be taken into consideration whilst accumulating the figures of the primary event, but is however, actively encouraged by the committee.
  • No bodily contact allowed until course has been completed
  • Extra Pubs may be undertaken before, during or after the event, provided Rule 4 is adhered to
  • All those who drink 12 pints will go down in the history books
  • No getting sick and if ya do... for feic sake, watch the good shoes you bought for Christmas day
  • No kissy text messages/phone calls to boyfriend/girlfriends during event (this will be policed strictly this year!)
  • Anyone who steps out of line will be beat within an inch of their life
  • IF you should not be successful in entering a pub, you need to go to the next stop on the list, and wait there for your fellow pub crawlers that will be there in appr. 40min. You then need to consume 2 pints (as you will stay in the same pub for 60min.)+ a penalty shot, as you not were able to complete the full list.
  • Any agenda changes will be decided by "De'Lads" and by "De'Lads" only. This may occur to facilitate meeting birds
  • The committee's decision is final