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Millbrook VS Farnborough on Sunday 5 March
Written by - Rick Fourie on 13/03/2017

After a unsure start to this Sunday as the heavens were opening up and the pitches looking like swimming pools , we were unsure if the game was on. After meeting up at Millbrook Club I made one last call to Lee at Farnborough and they were very keen to keep the game on despite the rain. So we all set off on our journey up the M3 and arrived at a very muddy situation. The pitch that we were playing on was ok and no water patches , so we didn’t require the swimming trunks.

The game got going around 10:20am and we were the first on the score board with a brilliant try from Rhys that was running for his dear life and dancing around players to win the race and dotted down in the corner. Farnborough was quick to respond and made sure they were on the score board early on. 

Josh scored 2 tries by bashing his way through the middle and defending off players just like running through a '' It's a knock out '' zone and with one of his tries that came from great team support to get him over the line. The other try he had no problems running through and dotting over underneath the posts.

Farnborough responded again to eahc try and was leading us on the score board every time , but only with a 5-9 point difference each time. After Farnborough took the lead again by 9 points we responded with a quick backline move and Rhys once again got the ball and this time dotted over line closer to the Goal posts. 

Ben S had a few good shots at goal to get the conversions counted for. Farnborough again responded and got a try of their own and again leading by 9 points. we applied pressure on them and while camping out on their own try line they opposition tried getting their ball out of a ruck and passing this behind their goal line , only to knock it on and Kyle F that came running in like '' Flash Gordon'' and diving on the ball for it to count as a try for Millbrook. 

The other try came from a brilliant run by Tom C to dive over the goal line for yet another try. This was on the 59 Minute mark and when the kick off came we were informed that we only had 30 seconds of play left. The Kick off was made and caught and we were immediately on the front foot. We went through a few phases and gaining ground once again , but one pass was unlucky and we knocked the ball on ( while only being inches away from the oppositions 22 Meter line. This was unfortunate and the end of the game , but we only went down 34 - 29 at the end , so only 5 points difference.

This was a much improved game for us individually and as a team because we played the same team a few months before and in the first game they beat us 75 - 0 , so coming from that first game to having another go and only losing out by 5 points has to show you , how much character this team has and how well they can work together as a team.

Sadly as it was a rainy day I had left my camera behind , so no photos were taken on the day and there would have been some great action photos. I will make sure I have it to hand during our next game.

Thank you to the following players who played their absolute best and with Josh C and Tom C being selected as Man of the Match !!


Special thanks to : Thomas M , Jack M , Josh C , Levente M , Ben S , Tom H , Kyle F , Jenson B , Kyle M , Tom C , Josh L , Ben P , Dave T , Rhys G for playing so well on the day and definitely deserved to win. A Special Thanks to all the parents who came out and supported the lads and for my assistant coach Dave for screaming so loud at times that I thought we were at some sort of Theme Park !!