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The 'Mo' Returns to 'Brook! - Written by Dan Wade on 28/10/2013

Ladies and gentlemen, it is that time of year again when looking like Tom Selleck is not only accepted but aspired to! Whether you can grow a full on Magnum PI, a Fu Manchu or if you can only muster an Aussie Rugby Team effort it doesn't matter! As ever, the cause is for Male Health Awareness (and raising as much money as possible for said cause). We all know us guys don't like talking about...... problems.... we may be having. This campaign aims to raise awareness of it and funds so we know we......Cont to article

Download the Fixtures for your Phone - Written by Dan Wade on 08/09/2013

Last year, I shared a little trick for some to import the clubs fixtures on to your phones/calendars. If you use Google Calendar (Android users) or iCal, it should all work just fine for you (I've tested it for Google Calendar and it works fine): For Google Calendar: Go to your Google Calendar on your computer Click the down arrownext to Other Calendars Select Import Calendar Click Choose File and find the csv file you've downloaded Select which calendar you want it in (should be your standard ......Cont to article

Waid Bucaneers are Coming!! - Written by Dan Wade on 04/09/2013

We have received intel here at Millbrook HQ that a ravenous band of North Men will be descending (possible in skirts) to attempt to defeat us in battle! Fortunately, our intel sources (*cough* Ally Thomson *cough*) have gotten close to the Bucaneers leadership and are fully aware of their plans. The date for this invasion will be 16th November 2013. Due to this, we can ensure we choose the battlefield. The commanders have chosen the hallowed turf of 5 Acres for the main battle, closely followed ......Cont to article

Club Membership Due - Written by Dan Wade on 04/09/2013

It's that time of year again folks. Memberships are now due. Regardsless of whether you're an active player or a social member, all need to make sure payment is made. The club runs on our funds and those who don't pay are only stopping the club from functioning and giving us all the facilities we know and love. The fees are: Players - £30.00 Families - £35.00 Social Members - £20.00 Please see John Kidd for payment or any other committee member. It's a small price to pay ......Cont to article

Trojans Fixtures - Update on Venue - Written by Dan Wade on 15/08/2013

Everyone please note, the fixtures were advertised slightly wrong. The first game is on Tuesday 20/08/13 and it is AWAY to Trojans (initially advertised as home) The second game is on Tuesday 27/08/13 and it is HOME to Trojans (initially advertised as away). Please let Mike Randell, Dean Vincent, Ally Thomson, Jason Berry, Ian Neil or Mike "Dor/8" Mulcahy know availability as soon as possible.......Cont to article